Craft Fix

A bundled up crowd of craftsmen and handmade maniacs filled Thayer Street {INDOORS} on Friday and Saturday for the first annual Cabin Fever Indie Gift Show. Sponsored by SOWA [appropriately] the fair featured 67 different artists and charged a $2 admission at the door. But heck! to get inside from that blustery day, I would’ve paid $20!

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The venue, tucked quietly into a land of South End studio spaces, was the perfect spot for the affair. With three large rooms of exposed brick and hardwood floors, there was sufficient elbow room for every dealer’s card table and people to mill around with none of the catastrophic topplings of hat racks or painfully awkward elbow-in-the-ribs-of-a-stranger that often frequent these sort of events.

Rachel Pfeffer, who set up shop selling her quirky-cute sterling silver jewelry [a lot of which is made from vintage silver coins], said they had a pretty great turn out on Saturday.

“Our honeycomb necklaces have been pretty popular, as well as the bow and heart earrings,” Pfeffer said. “I think a lot of folks are shopping for Valentines.”

And with V-day approaching, this is the perfect place to pick up a little something for your dearest. [or yourself!]

Gina Vezzola and Haldon Block were only in Boston for the weekend, and they said they heard about the gift show from a friend.

“We thought it sounded pretty cool, so we’re here to check it out,” Vezzola said. “We’re actually looking for a birthday gift for his [Block’s] mom.”

One vendor I was quite intrigued by was Leah Horieanopoulos, whose sister, Ali, was actually manning her stand during the show. Leah makes rings of curls from discarded telephone wires. Usually about a one-inch coil, the metal can be twisted all the way up your finger or only half way so that a fringe curls up on the top. Just be careful not to pick your knits!

Another favorite was Anne Murdock, who showed stuffed animals, housewares and womens accessories.

Murdoch said, as a graphic designer, she likes working with bold, graphic prints and tries to always use the finest materials she can get her hands on.

“I pay a lot of attention to getting the finest materials I can,” Murdock said. “In the hair pins the felt is 100% wool, the pillows are made of cashmere, and you know I just try to sew things very carefully to make sure that you’re getting a good product that will last.”

Well whether you’ve got a special someone to buy for, or are just a craft junkie at heart, it was the perfect place for a treasure hunt.

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