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I always thought Twitter was pretty lame. First, it sounds like the name of a pastel plastic children’s toy. Second, what can you really say in 140 characters?? Well, just this once I’ve decided to give technological innovation a chance. Not to say I’m any kind of aspiring Twitter Monster, tweeting to the world my thoughts on breakfast lunch and dinner. In fact, I haven’t even technically tweeted anything of my own just yet. But amassing a list of folks to follow was one of the most informative things I’ve done recently in the realm of social media. And I’ve already been able to gather a significant sense of what’s going on in art and fashion simply through a feed of short tweets.

The first twitterers I went after to follow were in association with blogs [mostly those art and fashion related, listed on my Blogroll] that I already follow, like, WWD, Lost at E Minor, Tavi Gevinson from Style Rookie and Good

Then, I looked up some of my favorite thrifting spots: The Garment District, Poor Little Rich Girl and Dame Vintage– sure enough, they too have Twitter accounts that update followers on the latest treasures coming into their shops.

Finally, I’d heard the New York Times had a few great style-related blogs, so when I stopped to check them out I found that they’ve compiled an accompanying list of some of the best fashion reporters, stylists and bloggers on Twitter. Twitter users can simply follow the entire list, providing easy access to some of the best fashion tweeting around. Some accounts from the list that I particularly like are The Moment: When Style Meets Culture, Joe Zee, the Creative Director for Elle Magazine and The Thread.

What I’ve found is most essential in creative a useful Twitter account is strategic linking. If there are no links in a post, there’s really no purpose, unless you really care about the individual’s thoughts in particular. But a great link can bring the Twitter post into a larger world of social media.

Some interesting things I’ve stumbled upon through strategic linking in today’s Twitter endeavors alone:

Lost at E Minor tweeted about this adorable blog called A Tiny Art Director, where Bill Zeman draws and blogs bizarre creatures straight from his daughter’s brain. GOOD tweeted that urban beekeeping is now legal in New York City. And Poor Little Rich Girl has a fresh selection of ’40s pumps in size 7 and 8.

Keeping informed on all fronts isn’t so hard after all.

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