some Tweet deals

I live for days like today– that first warm burst of spring.  And it even seemed to come a little early this year. Finally, a chance to go tight-less, coat-less and boot-less, breaking out whimsical florals, sandals and sundresses. So, like most, I thought what better day to hit Newbury and its surrounding cobble-y streets to scout out some deals on springtime wears. [Or heavily marked-down winter leftovers].

I decided to document my deal-hunting trek with my brand spankin’ new Twitter account. Though I’m not generally one for texting as I walk [mostly due to severe clumsiness] I found that tweeting to my account on my Blackberry with short updates was really pretty simple.

My first stop was the Tannery on Boylston– not the giant new one, but the smaller store further toward the Common– my roomate was on a quest for rainboots and we’d heard they had some great sales. Sure enough, they did:  50% off a large selection of colorful wellies brought most price tags down to an affordable $35.

Stepping outside from the Tannery I noticed an adorable old man selling bouquets of flowers for just $2 a pop. Generally this sort of character tends to blend in to the landscape, but the sea of glistening petals on such a bright and beautiful day seemed just fantastic and quite deserving of a tiny tweet.

Onto Newbury we stopped in Victoria’s Secret, offering a steal with seven panties for $25. Then H&M, whose men’s and women’s blazers were all marked $15 off. Breezing through the Prudential Center Ann Taylor even offered some great discounts. [And while the name does make me itch of mom-ness, some of their sundresses are really quite darling.]

Our last stop was LF on Newbury for probably the best sale of all– it’s the only mark-down they have all year and is basically a cleanse to rid the store of any lingering garments from previous seasons; preparing for incoming spring looks. The entire place [minus a small part in the back where spring has already began to move in] is 60% off or over. Making what is usually rather overpriced spot, really quite affordable.

Though I didn’t find any must-haves today it was probably best– I should really pinch more pennies. But I think that my deal tweets might provide aide to other shoppers around the city. [well, if I had any followers, that is…]

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